About Us

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Ground Me is the pioneering app that exclusively focuses on Dissociation. Our mission is to enhance mental presence and well-being by providing innovative solutions for those experiencing dissociation.

The Co-Founders and How Ground Me Came to Life

Bilge, the resourceful mental health professional, and Tim, the skilled IT consultant, were aware of the challenges people face in today's world when trying to be more present. Bilge noticed this need through her work with clients and discussions with colleagues. The turning point was a therapy session where a client, despite being physically present with friends, felt emotionally distant, like engaging behind a thin curtain. The client expressed a wish for Bilge to be there, guiding them through grounding exercises to overcome this experience more quickly. Tim and Bilge collaborated to create an app that offers guidance during dissociative moments, not only for ongoing therapy clients but for everyone. Ground Me was born from this idea, aiming to benefit many and facilitate positive life changes.

Addressing the Problem: How We're Solving It

In today's fast-paced world, staying mentally present is more challenging than ever. Together, we aim to bridge the gap by offering a digital haven for individuals on the spectrum of dissociative experiences. Dissociation itself isn't the problem; it's the uncertainty and lack of guidance during these moments. Ground Me provides scientific measures to gauge dissociation levels, offering personalized insights and exercises to regain control. We empower you to manage your presence and take control of your own time.

Vision and Values

Envision a future where mental health seamlessly integrates into daily life. Our vision is to guide individuals toward their best selves, empowering them to take control of their time. Empathy, innovation, and integrity form the cornerstones of our development, crafting a tool for improved mental health.

The Advisory Team

In addition to Tim and Bilge, our diverse advisory team covers privacy, marketing, legal, design, and scientific supervision. We are a group of technologists, mental health advocates, and innovators united by the goal of transforming mental health support.


Bilge, an alumnus of London South Bank University (LSBU), successfully joined the incubator program for start-ups at LSBU. Ground Me was selected for the program in the year 23-24.

Ground Me also won the Accelerator Award in the Impact category at LSBU's Ignite competition.

Our Location

Ground Me is based in London, UK.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to be part of the Ground Me community. Whether for personal mental health management or to support others, Ground Me aims to be your steadfast ally. Connect with us and help shape the future of mental health support.

Get in Touch

Excited about our progress or want to contribute your perspective? Reach out at contact@groundme.app, and let's build a world where every mind is connected and supported.