Ground Me for Business

Friendship by Duy Pham at Unsplash

For Private Practices and Therapists

Ground Me can enhance the therapeutic process by offering therapists a complementary tool. It incorporates features such as journaling and progress tracking, providing therapists with valuable insights into their clients' mental health patterns. This facilitates more effective monitoring and understanding of clients' dissociative episodes.

For Corporate Well-being

Mental presence is a cornerstone of productivity in the corporate world. The Ground Me app aims to address the challenges posed by dissociative states that can impact workplace performance. Features like the 'come back to the moment' button can help improve employee focus and productivity. Ground Me aspires to provide corporations with a tool to cultivate a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Looking Ahead

Ground Me is currently in the development stage, with one of our primary focuses being to tailor the platform to meet the unique needs of therapists and businesses. Committed to enhancing mental health in professional settings, we envision Ground Me as a future catalyst for positive change. For therapists, it represents a valuable resource to enhance therapy. For businesses, it signals a proactive step towards fostering a more vibrant, efficient, and mindful team.

We invite you to join us at the forefront of mental health innovation. To stay informed about Ground Me's development and future availability, please contact us at